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NBC Meshtec for the textile market?

We’re proud of our reputation as one of the finest producers of high end screen printing mesh. But we also understand that in a market flooded with low cost mesh, that reputation can at times seem like a liability when it comes to textiles.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce textile printers of all sizes to our Beta line of screen printing meshes. By means of a highly optimized production process, we’re able to bring the same NBC quality to a lower cost product ideal for the textile industry. See how your textile process can benefit from the quality and affordability of NBC Beta mesh.

A complete prepress solution

At NBC Meshtec Americas we work hard to select only the highest quality screen printing chemicals to sell alongside our top quality mesh. The following are a few products we recommend specifically for the textile industry. Click below to find out more about them, or browse our chemistry products for more options.


These emulsions from our partners are ideal for textile applications, and cost effective.

Screen Chemicals

While sometimes overlooked, the importance of a solid degreaser or mesh prep chemical can’t be overstated. In particular, the chemicals featured below are especially suited for use with SBQ photopolymer emulsions.

Take your process to the next level

If the screen is the heart and soul of the screen printing process, little could be as important as the supplies and equipment used to produce that screen. The following are some products and equipment that we especially recommend for textile applications. Click below to find out more about them, or browse our supplies and equipment section for more options.


These quality squeegees from our partners are ideal for the textile market.