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Why is the choice of screen chemical so important?

Screen printing is a chemical process. So careful selection of appropriate chemicals is very important to the screen making and printing process. Let us help you select the correct chemical for your specific application. Explore the various lines of chemical products that we offer below, or contact our customer service or your Technical Sales Representative for more personalized help.

What kind of screen chemicals are there?

Degreasers / Mesh Prep Chemicals

Degreasers, or mesh prep chemicals create a smoother base while allowing for easier application of film. They are used before applying capillary film, and can effectively reduce streaks.

Screen Wash / Press Wash Chemicals

Screen washes and press washes are both designed to break down the ink on a screen in order to aid cleanup. In general, screen washes have a higher flash point, meaning the chemical will not evaporate as quickly, thus providing more time to clean the screen. Additionally, screen washes are water soluble for easy removal. They can be used both manually in a washout booth or in automatic ink removal machines.

Emulsion / Stencil Removal Chemicals

Emulsion removers or stencil removers are chemicals that dissolve emulsion or capillary film in order to aid their removal. They are used to reclaim screens for later reuse.

Blockout Chemicals

Blockout is an emulsion-like chemical. It is used to cover pinholes and to “block out” any area of the screen that ink should not pass through.