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Screen Printing Frames

screen printing frames

Why is the choice of frame so important?

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The frame is the foundation of the screen. So understandably, proper frame selection is crucial to the screen printing process. Let us help you select the correct frame for your specific application. Explore the various screen printing frames that we offer below, or contact our customer service or your Technical Sales Representative for more personalized help.

What kind of frames are there?

Cast Aluminum Frames

Cast aluminum frames are die cast metal frames designed for screen printing. Their main advantage over wooden frames are their durability and strength. They can be reused countless times without sacrificing adhesion or dimensional accuracy.

Welded Aluminum Frames

Welded aluminum frames differ from cast aluminum frames in that rather than being die cast as one solid frame, they are generally constructed from aluminum tubing and welded together at the corners.

Retensionable Frames

Retensionable frames are, as the name suggests, specially engineered frames that allow the mesh to be applied to the screen without the use of adhesives, and oftentimes, complicated stretching equipment. Generally, the mesh is tensioned via either a roller or telescopic method.