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Grünig G-COAT 415 Professional Automatic Coating Machine

grünig g-coat 415 professional automatic coating machine

Grünig G-COAT 415 Professional Automatic Coating Machine

The G-COAT 415 is a coating machine that provides safe, rapid coating on both print and squeegee sides, and in any desired thickness and quality. It contains an automatic length measuring system for detecting the screen size as well as controlling the coating position.

  • Tolerance ± 1 µm
  • Maximum screen format (H x W): 196″ x 98″ (5000 x 2500 mm)
  • Length measuring system for automatic screen detection
Power Supply
220 V (2L + PE), 3.5 A, 60 Hz or 230 V (L + N + PE), 3.5 A, 50 Hz
Compressed Air Supply
90 psi, 21 f³/h (6 Bar, 0.6 m³/h)
Product Options
Version A10
Standard execution, front loader
Version A20
Front loader with raised floor base for an ergonomic screen handling
Version A30L
Loading of the screens from the left side, with upper and lower pneumatic screen fasteners
Version A40
IN-LINE execution for integration into the G-LINE system from Grünig
Option R
Automatic cleaning of the coating edge by means of moistened wiper rolls which wipe off the remaining emulsion from both sides. The wiper rolls are automatically moistened and washed.
Option S
Pneumatic screen supports on top for an optimal fastening of the screens.
Option T
The automatic hot-air dryer allows an intermediate drying during layer build-up. It is equipped with its own drive unit and acts from the print side, independently from the spraying carriage. The speed and the number of moves can be programmed.
Option Z
Additional pneumatic screen fastening device for simultaneous treatment of two screens.
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